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Portents  Pinwheels  Diptychs  Nymphs  Furrows
	Beasts   Flowers  Goddesses

Psychology   Memory   Magic   Diets and Disorders
	Dybbuks   Biodiversity
		Prayers   Saints  Angels

Games  Communion    Chants  Fire    Crosses
Air  Water   Light   The Chandelier Has No Ceiling 
		Pieces of Eve   Alphabet Cards  
	Beacon and the Butterflies

Cosmogony with Strings Attached   I Never Feel Real
   Intermittent Deeds  
 Strategies of X
		Serial Quandaries

Beacon Meets Some Bugs

  Beacon Finds Her Bliss
    Rhyming Currents
		My Cards are on the Table 
   Multi Media Linguist
New Figures
Fitness  		La Primavera
       Weird Chicks        Twist
Wild Goose Memory of Species Hollow
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