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Static, acrylic & collage on linen, 9"X12" © 1992

Static is a personal tribute to the failed "art of forgetting [Kierkegaard]." Certain bits of experience seem to want continually to buzz around in the mind and to crop up at inopportune moments. These details may or may not seem significant, but neither active nor passive forgetting disposes of them.

"The extent of one's power to forget is the final measure of one's elasticity of spirit. If a man cannot forget well, he will never amount to much. Whether there be a Lethe gushing forth, I do not know; but this I know, that the art of forgetting can be developed. ...It is easy to see that most people have a very meager understanding of this art, for they ordinarily wish to forget only what is unpleasant, not what is pleasant. This betrays a complete one-sidedness."
--Kierkegaard, Either/Or [Bretall]

Unfortunately, contrary to this advice, I've spent much of my life obsessed with remembering too much.

This painting might serve as a reminder, but someone has been "borrowing" it for over a decade, and I've had no luck in getting it back from him.

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