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==Pieces of Eve==

I decided to create this series of mobiles, Pieces of Eve, because I wanted to make literal and surprising my interest in negotiating space relations. I thought I’d like to see a puzzle swing and thus give a degree of free range to the multiplicity of effects emerging from the resulting interplay of light and shade. Pieces of Eve are conceived as impossible puzzles adding to their own multiplicity and intrigue by actively holding and hugging the shadows they themselves create. There are the bits of torso and limbs in the fabric of the foreground, while in the background lurk blurred, barely discernible images of a woman’s fragmented body parts--- more real, more womanly in the shadows even, as though the pieces are reunited in disarray. Pieces of Eve are an uninhabited army, its members substituted by transparent echoes. They are living in the walls, exchanging the walls’ solidity for the fleeting quality of time, telling an impossible story.

Pieces of Eve 1, stuffed fabric mobile, 29"x9" © 2000

Pieces of Eve 2, stuffed fabric mobile, 26"x9" © 2000

Pieces of Eve 3, stuffed fabric mobile, 32"x9" © 2000

Pieces of Eve 4, stuffed fabric mobile, 24"x9" © 2000

Pieces of Eve 5, stuffed fabric mobile, 27"x10" © 2000 (private collection)

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