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==Gateway to the Subconscious==

Gateway to the Subconscious, acrylic, oil, collage on linen, 20"x30" © 1994 (private collection)

Gateway to the Subconscious represents my falling out with the "line" concepts discussed in Memory. Gateway to the Subconscious doesn't even complete the line. It is based upon a line that has been aborted in places, a line that has become a character. The layering of day upon day has caused distinctions to blur. The line has given up, abandoned itself into a hopeless maze; it will never come clean. The collage elements include strings of typewriter eraser tape containing such unexpected words and phrases as ...heit...rusheep...mylife...moo... to...may...herhalfsecret...soften...firstcom.... perhaps recapitulating memory's random element, its capacity for nonsense out of sense and vice versa. There are also scraps of a newspaper clipping about a meteorite and its subsequent crater, which his how I sometimes think of amnesia: a concussion, a depth, a crater. The girl upside down is me at 16.

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