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==Cosmogony with Strings Attached==

At odds with her ready-made environment, a woman stumbles into a world of strange statutes and dreams. Although she inhabits a modern, materialistic world, she discovers she can create a shift in the cosmic forces by honing the art of interpretation. Her face assumes a mask: is she the artist or the objective? Hunting on a multi-dimensional array of scenery, stars, fruit, utensils, rebounding patterns, nets, signs, heavenly conquests, shifting scapes, eggs, games, faces and fish, she targets multiple agendas in the arts of representation, abstraction, composition, strategy, deception and conquest. What is the pull of the relentless neon and how can she fare beside it? Can she stay afloat amidst this cacophony of forces and bind them into a ready mix?
Foraging in this neon and in these fields, forests, panoplies and conceptual gates, lines may fold, unfold or accidentally drop into an alternate space. Art history makes a few viable concessions. Are we in the company of saints? Authenticity soon damages the quest for tangible profits. Fractures hybridize documentary with fictionalized drama as she uncovers the ironies of assigning commercial objectives to a meticulous interiority. Only the lingering hunger remains.

Cosmogony with Strings Attached, mixed media, 45"x55" © 2003

The Prisoners, fabric in wood, 48"x59" © 2003

Maps, mixed media, 80"x55" © 2003

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