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I like to explore the boundaries among narrative linearity and pictorial non-linearity, among plots and images, among order and disorder. Inevitably, I have a preoccupation with non-linear texts, symbolic systems, fortune telling, ideograms, puzzles, words as pictures and pictograms. Language is itself an organizing principle and yet a form of chance. The Alphabet Cards are a visual representation of an interactive dialogue and a prompting I received from certain images and texts. I hope it will extend to potential viewers as an open dialogue, not as something finished or fixed.
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Way back in maybe 1995 or 1996 some one asked to display my Hopscotch painting on his site about Julio Cortázar's novel Hopscotch (Rayuela). Cortázar's Hopscotch (Rayuela), is both a novel and a non-linear text, a text that can be read in random order-- a familiar concept! The concept of the novel itself and the following excerpt from it are among the inspirations for this deck:
He had started to think about Egyptian phrases that morning, about Thoth, significantly the god of magic and the inventor of language. They argued for awhile whether it wasn't a fallacy to be arguing for awhile, since the language they were using, as local and lunfardo as it might be, was perhaps part of a mantic structure that was by no means tranquilizing. They decided that, all things considered, the double ministry of Thoth was a manifest guarantee of coherence in reality and unreality; it made them happy to have more or less resolved the continuously disagreeable problem of the objective correlative. Magic or the tangible word, there was an Egyptian god who verbally harmonized subjects and objects. Everything was really going very well.
Le había dado esa mañana por pensar en frases egipcias, en Toth, significativamente dios de la magia e inventor del lenguaje. Discutieron un rato si no sería una falacia estar discutiendo un rato, dado que el lenguaje, por más lunfardo que lo hablaran, participaba quizá de una estructura mántica nada tranquilizadora. Concluyeron que el doble ministerio de Toth era al fin y al cabo una manifiesta garantía de coherencia en la realidad o la irrealidad; los alegró dejar bastante resuelto el siempre desagradable problema del correlato objetivo. Magia o mundo tangible, había un dios egipico que armonizaba verbalmente los sujetos y los objetos. Todo iba realmente muy bien.
--Hopscotch (Rayuela), Julio Cortázar [trans; Gregory Rabassa]

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