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==Air III==

Air III, acrylic on canvas, 40"x30" © 1990

As can be seen with Air I, Air II and Air III, one of my early ideas was to take a shape, in this case a circle, and overlap it upon itself. Among other things, I was interested in representing the ways in which a limited idea or a seemingly static situation, depicted by any given shape, can give rise to and is indeed an essential ingredient in the creation of unlimited, dynamic potential. To show this, I put the "limitation," the shape, into relation itself thus using that shape and whatever symbolic meaning it may have as a means to break itself apart. What happens simultaneously is that this very shape can be seen as re-emerging from itself. The result is a self-containing dynamic of creation/decreation (destruction) which, on one level, invites the viewer to engage in the construction/deconstructions of symbolic meaning. On what may be a deeper level, I hope to show a fusion between the static and dynamic aspects of time. Linear time itself or even linear cycles of time can be interpreted as "limitations," here represented by the circle, that can be used to explode themselves. Insofar as the viewer perceives the destruction and re-creation of the circle shape to be simultaneous, coinciding, and integral occurrences, he or she can perceive the time element involved as being non-linear; the aim is to catalyze in the viewer a non-linear, rhythmic sense of time culminating in a sense of time-out-of-time. The result is another paradox: a cause and effect situation catapulting one beyond cause and effect. more. . .

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